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A baby sausage roll in my face …

Well, my pack leader was fuming last week. We casually strolled along our cities street minding our own business when this woman with her small baby came running after us. „Hello, hello“, she shouted. „Can I show the dog to my baby“. One second later I had a tiny baby almost sitting on my nose looking at me with a rather worried expression. To tell the truth – I almost saw her double.

Not only was she waving her feet in my face, on top she was smelling like one of those sausages I so love. I tried to sniff out the source of that tantalizing sent but my pack leader was not having it.

After a brief exchange between the woman and my pack leader all was clear. Not only had the woman almost shoved her baby in my mouth, on top – wrapped around her finger holding the baby – was the piece of sausage I so much would have liked to have. Good for them both that I am an extremely well behaved Akita Inu and no greedy Labrador….

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